Our Approach

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Our Approach

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Due Diligence

In the midst of uncertain markets and unexpected events we will help you diversify to achieve investment excellence.


We spend time and effort to learn, understand and be fully familiar with our approved products and product issuers. This is a lengthy and vigorous process that usually takes many months, and many meetings. We meet with company principals, staff, executive and management as well as any independent advisory professionals or committees. We will thoroughly examine, analyze and comment on all relevant documentation, business practices, services, fees, costs and other relevant matters. Where necessary we also consult with industry specialists who know and understand the specific industry and/or business that we are doing due diligence on.


We thoroughly explore and understand the personal circumstances of our clients and their specific needs and objectives. In particular focussing on and reviewing their financial position, investable assets, budget and cash flow needs, risk tolerance, liquidity, estate and tax planning considerations, thus ensuring that investment recommendations are appropriate and suitable and aligned with Client’s short, medium and long term objectives’


We facilitate ongoing reporting of all investment activity to clients. We regularly meet with clients to review their ongoing investment goals and objectives as well as their cash flow needs. Our aim is to ensure that our investment recommendations and suggestions remain current, relevant and appropriate to our clients evolving circumstances.


We only offer a very select range of approved investment offerings. At any given time, we will recommend products issued by a maximum of 5 different product providers. In this way, we ensure that we are able to continue with comprehensive monitoring of all of our offerings, at any given time. We regularly liaise with all of our product providers, designers and issuers to ensure ongoing and independent oversight, as well as relevance and appropriateness of their investment offerings. If at any time we are not 100% satisfied with an investment offering, for whatever reason, we will immediately withdraw the product from further distribution and notify the issuer and all of our clients appropriately.

Due Diligence - Diversifi Alternative Investments Canada Due Diligence - Diversifi Alternative Investments
Compliance and Transparency - Diversifi Alternative Investments

Compliance and Transparency

Our business activities are subject to strict compliance oversight as well as internal and external rules and regulations.

Securities Regulations mandate that we follow and abide by a very comprehensive policies and procedures manual, which is subject to regulatory review and approval;

We strive to act in the clients best interests at all timesdisclosing compensation earned and any potential conflicts of interest;

We are subject to an annual independent Financial Audit (IFRS), reviewable by regulators and are under regular review of all business activities, including random Regulatory checks and Audit as deemed appropriate by regulators.

Policies and Procedures:

Please review these resources to get more information on policies and procedure:

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Complaints Process : Ombudsman

BC Securities Commission