investment solutions

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investment solutions

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Our Services

We immerse ourselves in researching and analyzing both new and existing investment opportunities in order to remaining current within our industry as well as the industries which our product issuers are involved in.

  • Constantly comparing and measuring issuers and product offerings with peers and competitors
  • Striving to ensure our issuers are acting with fairness, transparency and full disclosure toward investors
  • Appointing Independent advisory to work with issuers
  • Overseeing corporate governance of issuers through independent oversight
  • Multiple Offerings: Open / Ongoing offerings

Our services include:

  • Private REIT’s
  • Portfolio Management By Referral
  • Real Estate Limited Partnerships
  • Low Cost ETF Options By Referral
  • Mortgage Investment Corporations
  • Seniors Housing
  • Alternative Investments
  • Specialty Offerings


  • Hands on involvement and active oversight

  • Regular meetings with issuer management, executive and advisory

  • Random audit of issuers and their products

  • Review of issuer financial statements, records and important processes with independent assistance

  • Ongoing client interaction and reporting