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about Diversifi

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  • Our team - Diversifi Alternative Investments


    In the midst of potential stock market volatility and unexpected investment portfolio fluctuation, we will help you to diversify your portfolio in order to achieve a more stable and steady investment result.

  • Diversifi Alternative Investments working on custom investment solutions

    Custom Alternative Investment Solutions

    Our portfolios of investment strategies offer solutions to clients who are seeking to gain or augment exposure to alternative assets. The benefit here being that at Diversifi, 
we are not representing a particular investment, and can therefore recommend to the client what best suits their situation and requirement.

As an Exempt Market Dealer, Diversifi Alternative Investments is registered, licensed and bonded with multiple securities regulators in Canada As an Exempt Market Dealer, Diversifi Alternative Investments is registered, licensed and bonded with multiple securities regulators in Canada


As an Exempt Market Dealer, Diversifi is registered, licensed and bonded with multiple securities regulators in Canada to market and sell securities and debt issuances of private companies, not trading on any listed securities exchange; We are licensed to deal with investors living in multiple jurisdictions in Canada namely British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Products can range in scope and type but usually have a real estate component attaching to them. In other words, investors are generally offered an opportunity to invest in products that give them an ownership in real estate equity or offer the security of real estate in the form of a registered mortgage.

Our Key Principles:

  • Always put client Interests first.

  • Diversify, diversify, diversify

  • Full disclosure and transparency of fees

  • Prioritize investor capital preservation on a best efforts basis

  • Mitigate investor risk as best as possible

  • Pass the sleep test

  • Co-invest as practical

Our Team

  • Harris Abro - President and Chief Compliance officer - Diversifi Alternative Investments

    Harris Abro

    President and Chief Compliance officer

    Harris is the founder and President of Diversifi Alternative Investments Ltd. For over 25 years Harris has been advising Canadians on their financial needs, analyzing their overall financial health and providing creative solutions to meet their financial planning objectives. Prior to this, Harris spent 11 years in the South African legal profession, where he learned valuable lessons on client relationship management and objectively advising in the best interests of clients.

    Over the past 10 years, Harris has been focusing more specifically on providing value to client investment portfolios by offering unique and well researched alternative investments which enhance and add diversification to traditional stock and bond type offerings. Harris strives to act in a professional, focused and diligent manner, creating & developing unique customized financial solutions, tailored to client’s individual planning needs. Registered with the BC Securities Commission, and also Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario Securities Regulators as an Exempt Market Dealer and Dealing Representative.

  • Peter Kinch - Dealing Representative - Diversifi Alternative Investments

    Peter Kinch

    Dealing Representative

    Peter Kinch is a best-selling author, registered alternative investment advisor and award-winning Mortgage Broker with over 25 years of experience in the Canadian finance and mortgage industries. Peter is passionate about helping Canadians to approach, consider and run their investment portfolios in the same way as a Pension Fund Manager would manage their fund’s investments. Peter has helped many investors develop and evolve their investment portfolios through his trademarked ‘Gap Analysis©’ and ‘Action Plan™’.

    As a registered Exempt Market Dealing Representative with Diversifi Alternative Investments Ltd, Peter is able to assist investors in finding appropriate investment solutions that are not correlated with, or related to traditional stock or bond market investments. Such investment solutions can complement an investor’s existing investment portfolio, by helping to enhance yield and provide much needed stability, congruent with an investors stated financial goals.

    Peter is a regularly featured guest on various radio and television programs throughout the country including Global TV, CTV, CBC and BNN. He is also the author of The Mortgage Minute™, ‘The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan’, and co-author of the #1 best-seller 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors.