ICM Property Partners Trust

ICM Property Partners Trust (“ICM”) is a mutual fund trust that operates with the primary goal of making investments in Limited Partnerships controlled by the Manager or its affiliates. ICM has a broad, diversified mandate, investing in the geographic markets of Canada, US and Mexico and various property types including office, retail, industrial and multi-family. ICM utilizes several investment segments including core plus, value add, opportunistic, development and lending which will be more fully explained in the body of this report.

Goals and Objectives
  • Protect and diversify investor capital
  • Quarterly distributions (or reinvestment)
  • Capital growth
  • Diversification of portfolio

ICM’s 15 year track record coupled with current AUM of $700 million and no investor losses across its 5000 clients make it an attractive alternative investment. Annual distributions are projected to be in the range of 5.0-6.0% and are paid in a tax efficient manner.

Distributions can either be reinvested or paid in cash. In addition to receiving monthly pro-rata distributions, investors also participate in the potential appreciation (or depreciation) of a well-established and evolving pool of real estate. An investment in ICM should provide potential investors a solid, risk-adjusted return with exposure to a portfolio of real estate that is well-diversified geographically and by sector. Management has an excellent and proven track record with a sound business model and provides a unique opportunity to participate in the Mexican real estate market in addition to Canada and the US.

As is the case with most investment opportunities, there is a risk that investors could lose some or all of their capital invested. Please see the possible risk areas highlighted in our comprehensive due diligence and analysis of this investment which is available to interested and qualified investors, on request. In our opinion investors should only consider these investments if they have a minimum of 3 to 5+ year time horizon as real estate investments are inherently illiquid and tend to benefit from longer holding periods. Prospective Investors are referred to the Offering Memorandums, Risk Acknowledgements, and Subscription Agreements for more information. Prospective investors should also note that past performance is no indication of how these investment offerings may perform in the future.