CMLS Financial (Commercial & Residential Mortgage fund)

The CMLS mortgage fund invests predominantly in commercial mortgages and more recently has some allocation to Residential mortgages. The CMLS mortgage fund is well diversified across Canada, by property type and by sector. The portfolio is conservatively underwritten by an experienced team of professionals. CMLS is one of the largest non-bank commercial lenders in Canada and has extensive experience in servicing mortgages across all market cycles within the companies 44 year history. Distributions have been very consistent over the CMLS Mortgage Fund’s 11-year operating history and are projected to be in the range of 6.0% – 6.5% per annum in 2019. Distributions can either be reinvested or paid in cash on a monthly basis. An investment in CMLS Mortgage Fund should provide potential investors a solid risk-adjusted return. Management has an excellent and proven track record with a sound business model and plans for significant future expansion and additional diversification.

CMLS was founded in 1974 and has shown steady growth throughout the years. CMLS is a full service commercial and residential mortgage company which includes loan origination, servicing and investment management. CMLS currently administers over $20 billion of mortgages on behalf of its institutional investors and managers across 7 National offices.

As is the case with most investment opportunities, there is a risk that investors could lose some or all of their capital invested. Please see the possible risk areas highlighted in our comprehensive due diligence and analysis of this investment which is available to interested and qualified investors, on request. In our opinion investors should only consider these investments if they have a minimum of 3 to 5+ year time horizon as real estate investments are inherently illiquid and tend to benefit from longer holding periods. Prospective Investors are referred to the Offering Memorandums, Risk Acknowledgements, and Subscription Agreements for more information. Prospective investors should also note that past performance is no indication of how these investment offerings may perform in the future.